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Constant Force Springs Explained: Applications and Non-Magnetic Benefits

Constant Force Springs Explained: Applications and Non-Magnetic Benefits

Non Magnetic Constant Force Springs

Understanding Constant Force Springs: Applications and Advantages

Constant force springs are unique in that they provide a consistent force over their length of travel, unlike traditional springs bound by Hooke's Law. This blog delves into their applications, particularly in extending earth continuity on armoured cables within cable joints, and highlights the benefits of using non-magnetic versions.

What Are Constant Force Springs?

Constant force springs are designed to exert a consistent force throughout their range of motion. This is achieved through the pre-stressed strip of material, typically steel, coiled into a flat spiral. As the spring is extended, the material unwinds, but the force remains constant, making them ideal for applications requiring uniform tension.

How Are They Made?

Manufactured from materials such as stainless steel or carbon steel, constant force springs are precision-engineered to maintain their force over extensive cycles of use. The diameter and thickness of the material are crucial in determining the spring's lifecycle and force characteristics.

Applications of Constant Force Springs

Extending Earth Continuity on Armoured Cables

One of the critical applications of constant force springs is in the electrical industry, particularly for extending earth continuity on armoured cables within cable joints. This application is vital for maintaining a continuous grounding path, ensuring safety and preventing electrical faults.

  • Installation Ease: Their design allows for easy installation within confined spaces.
  • Consistent Performance: The consistent force ensures reliable contact pressure over time.

Other Uses

  • Medical Devices: Providing consistent force in retractable systems.
  • Automotive Industry: Used in mechanisms requiring precise tension, such as seat belt retractors.
  • Retail Displays: Employed in product pusher systems to keep items at the front of shelves.

Benefits of Non-Magnetic Constant Force Springs

Using non-magnetic constant force springs offers significant advantages, especially in environments sensitive to magnetic interference.


  • Magnetic Interference: Non-magnetic springs prevent disruptions in sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Often made from stainless steel, they offer enhanced resistance to corrosion, increasing longevity.
  • Medical Applications: Essential in medical devices where magnetic fields could affect performance or patient safety.

Our Range of Non-Magnetic Constant Force Springs

At AC Cable Solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of non-magnetic constant force springs, perfect for various industrial and commercial applications. Our products ensure reliable performance, durability, and compliance with stringent safety standards.

AC Cable Solutions Part Number 3M Part No. Size Range Spring Width (W) Inner Diameter (D) Thickness Length of roll
CFS P59 5 > 10mm 9mm 4.8mm 0.06mm 100mm
CFS0 P60 9 > 15mm 10mm 7.5mm 0.10mm 240mm
CFS1 P61 12 > 21mm 16mm 11mm 0.15mm 260mm
CFS2 P62 19 > 29mm 19mm 16mm 0.20mm 340mm
CFS3 P63 25 > 37mm 19mm 22mm 0.24mm 700mm
CFS4 P64 31 > 50mm 19mm 23mm 0.35mm 780mm
CFS5 P65 34 > 70mm 19mm 32mm 0.45mm 800mm
CFS6 P66 58 > 94mm 19mm 42mm 0.45mm 950mm
CFS7 P67 60 > 130mm 19mm 45mm 0.60mm 980mm


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