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Constant Force Springs

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AC Cable Solutions Non-Magnetic Constant Force Springs comprise a series of solderless connections designed for application on lead or aluminium cable sheaths. They facilitate the connection of cable screens or armour within a joint kit and are utilised for connecting the copper screen to earth in medium voltage terminations. Crafted from high-tensile polished stainless steel, these products are compatible with all metallic screen and armour types.

•    Applies a uniform radial pressure onto the cable
•    Corrosion resistance
•    For use in earthing or grounding applications
•    Non-Magnetic 
•    Used on lead and aluminium cable sheaths, cable screening tapes or wires and steel  or aluminium armour wires
•    Solderless connection

Size Chart

3M Part
Size Range Spring
Width (W)
Diameter (D)
Thickness Length of
CFS P59 5 > 10mm 9mm 4.8mm 0.06mm 100mm
CFS0 P60 9 > 15mm 10mm 7.5mm 0.10mm 240mm
CFS1 P61 12 > 21mm 16mm 11mm 0.15mm 260mm
CFS2 P62 19 > 29mm 19mm 16mm 0.20mm 340mm
CFS3 P63 25 > 37mm 19mm 22mm 0.24mm 700mm
CFS4 P64 31 > 50mm 19mm 23mm 0.34mm 780mm
CFS5 P65 34 > 70mm 19mm 32mm 0.45mm 800mm
CFS6 P66 58 > 94mm 19mm 42mm 0.45mm 950mm
CFS7 P67 60 > 130mm 19mm 45mm 0.60mm 980mm