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Brass Earthing Nuts

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P-Nuts earthing nuts speed up the installation of cable glands by replacing the earth tag and locknut to provide a high integrity earth connection. The unique cutting teeth of the earth nut bite into the box wall, enabling the gland to be tightened with one tool from the outside and no extra drilling required which saves time and doesn't compromise the enclosure IP Rating. Facilitates a direct connection for protective earthing and may be used with a lock ring for direct earth connection to the metal conduit in place of a coupler and bush.



Technical Data
Type Earthing Nut
Material Brass
Finish Brass


Size Chart
Product No.per Pack Earthing Nut
PEN20 x10 20mm
PEN25 x10 25mm
PEN32 x100 32mm
PEN40 x100 40mm
PEN50 x100 50mm
PEN63 x100 63mm
PEN75 x100 75mm