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Stainless Steel Hexagonal Locknuts - PG

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Corrosion resistant with increased strength at high temperatures.

Stainless Steel


Technical Data
Type Locknut
Material Stainless Steel 316L
Finish Silver


Size Chart

Product Manufacturer Part No. No.per Pack Locknut
H - Width (mm) E - Thickness (mm)
SSLN/PG07 D7806910 x50 PG07 15.0 2.9
SSLN/PG09 D7808913 x50 PG09 19.0 2.9
SSLN/PG11 D7810916 x50 PG11 21.0 3.1
SSLN/PG13 D7812910 x25 PG13 23.0 3.1
SSLN/PG16 D7814914 x20 PG16 26.0 3.1
SSLN/PG21 D7818912 x10 PG21 32.0 3.6
SSLN/PG29 D7824913 x5 PG29 42.0 4.1
SSLN/PG36 D7830914 x5 PG36 57.0 5.1
SSLN/PG42 D7835919 x1 PG42 60.0 5.1